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€ 29.95

How do you become the biggest “Hemp Hero” and win the game?

Move your pawn over the board and buy as many cannabis strains as possible. The aim of the game is to own all cannabis strains from a company.

Are you the last remaining player with a cannabis stock? Then you are the biggest “Hemp Hero”!

Extreme fun to play in the coffeeshops!The best Cannabis Boardgame!I love Hemp Heroes!My fav 420 game!
After years of playing Chess and Card games in the coffeeshops with friends, it was really time for a game like this! More fun, More Humor and more competitive then any other coffeeshop game. P.S. I won the first match, so I really feel like a Hemp Hero now !
Extreme fun to play in the coffeeshops!
Joery- HollandsHigh
Hemp heroes is a lot of fun to play! We played this almost every night since we got Hemp heroes! Don't take the game to serious, perfect to game to have a laugh with friends. Thanks for all the store credits!
The best Cannabis Boardgame!
Kayo - Cannabis Bakehouse
Very fun game, we play it a lot in the smart shop with colleagues when its not so busy. Perfect way to pass the time with a lot of fun!
I love Hemp Heroes!
Remco - House of Smart
My favorite board game to play with friends. It's very easy to play and everybody wants to be the biggest "Hemp Hero"!
My fav 420 game!
Mister Maka